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Let's Go Diving with Amed Dive Center


Dive & Snorkel Sites

Dive & Snorkel Sites

Bali has a large amount of excellent and diverse dive sites that offer fun and adventure for all levels of divers. Photographers from all over the world come to Bali to make photos of the rare species found here. Diving and snorkeling around Bali offers exceptional experience for everyone and there is far more to see than just the famous Tulamben ship wreck. 

Visit Bali, come to Amed and let us show you the beauty of Bali’s marine life.

Amed Dive Center is located right in the center of many excellent dive sites that can be reached within a short time by car or boat.

Amed & Tulamben area

10. Amed Ghost Bay

Amed Ghost Bay is located right in front of Hotel Uyah Amed and Amed Dive Center and we regard it as our house reef. From Amed Dive Center we simply walk to the beach and dive Amed Ghost Bay, where you can see our artificial reef that Amed Dive Center is building since 2003. (For details please click ENVIRONMENTAL ACTIVITIES).
Rare species like the clown frog fish, different kinds of ghost pipe fish, mimic octopuses, huge stone fishes, amazing crabs, tiny juvenile lion fishes, seahorse, razor fish, just to mention a few, can be found at Amed Ghost Bay. Photographers from all over the world come here to take pictures of these rarely found species. Visit Bali, come to Amed and check it out.

1. Alam Batu

To Alam Batu we go by boat . We sail north- west and enjoy the beautiful view of Mount Agung, Bali’s highest volcano.
At Alam Batu dive site we find a cave at a depth of about 15 meters and should not forget to bring a torch to venture into that cave.
Beside the cave we dive along quite steep canyons making this dive a real adventure. All kinds of reef fish, hard coral and sponge can be seen. Barracudas show up quite often; there is a good chance to see reef sharks here.

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